The Common Users of Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Companies and organizations have realized that with a mobile phone database of stakeholders, customers or clients, they can embark on effective direct marketing using the platform of Bulk SMS in Nigeria. This is one cost-effective way of accomplishing a targeted promotional effort across the country for your organization or enterprise.

Let us look at the organizations that commonly use Bulk SMS in Nigeria;



Companies use Bulk SMS in Nigeria to reach their customers or client with details of new products launch, services disruption or other updates. There are other range of activities that they use this for like, recruitment process awareness notification, business promotion, and seasonal discounts.

They also use the platform to send out notification for availability of periodic reports to suppliers and customers. The timely delivery on this platform makes it attractive to most companies.


Financial Institutions

All financial Institutions use Bulk SMS in Nigeria for a variety of purposes. When customers open new bank accounts, they fill in their phone numbers in their account opening forms they submit at the service providers. When verification of details is completed, SMS notifications go to such customers to alert them of the activation of their accounts.

Other services that are delivered through SMS by Financial Institutions include notification of transactions like deposits, withdrawals, charges or standing orders. When strange transactions take place like use of Prepaid or Credit cards at new locations, notifications are also sent out.

The banking population in Nigeria has been ascertained to be about 25 million as at August 2015, and with this number growing, more use will be found for Bulk SMS in Nigeria.


Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are very vibrant across the country with several positions up for contest at different times of the year. The political parties and their allies deploy Bulk SMS in Nigeria to send messages to their constituents across the country to canvass for votes.

You find that in campaign seasons, one recipient can get up to five messages in day and in a country where the mobile phone user tally is already about 100million, this is a huge market to explore.


Government Organizations and the use of Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Service rendering government departments like utility companies and immigration services process transactions for millions for Nigerians daily, weekly or monthly. Bulk SMS in Nigeria is one medium they use to convey approval, discrepancy or update notifications to the citizenry.

Many people apply for new facilities, change their residence or renew existing contracts with these organizations. The tally of work done through Bulk SMS in Nigeria is expansive for many public sector organizations that incorporating them into article might be an unrealistic take for a single publication.



Why Use Bulk SMS Nigeria

When it comes to sending out messages to a large number of people in Nigeria, you can use a bulk SMS Nigeria package. Whether you are sending religious, political, marketing or any other type of messages you can rely a variety of options, however choosing bulk SMS Nigeria offers some essential benefits that make it a great option for the sender. Our bulk SMS packages are designed to provide you with the best fit as per your needs. To help you appreciate the need for using this service, we have compiled some of the important benefits of using bulk SMS Nigeria.



One of the most important benefits of using bulk SMS Nigeria is the fact that the service is cheap. Sending messages to a large number of people is more affordable as compared to other modes of communication. This affordability is especially important for small businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts on a budget. The cost of the bulk SMS Nigeria service is usually determined by the number of SMSs you want to send as well as your membership level. However, it is important to note that no matter the package chosen the cost incurred is relatively affordable.


Fast Communication

Another important benefit of using bulk SMS Nigeria is the speed of transmission. No matter the number of SMS messages you are looking to send out, the transmission is always in a few seconds. As soon as you are finished entering the message and the list of recipients you can be sure that the messages will be transmitted in seconds. This makes bulk SMS Nigeria one of the best tools of sending out last minute information and notifications to the recipients.



Bulk SMS Nigeria users have a great chance of engaging the recipients and getting feedback from them if need be. Users can include a reply code or phone number to ensure that recipients can be able to share their feedback. This is especially important for businesses looking to engage their customers and create a better customer relationship.


No Filter

When using bulk SMS Nigeria, it is highly likely that the delivered message will be read by the recipient. There is no way to filter SMS messages as is the case with email communications for instance. This means that senders can be able to send messages with the confidence that most will reach their intended destination.

Our bulk SMS Nigeria service is designed to help you send a huge number of SMS messages to your targeted recipients at the most affordable cost. The above benefits highlight why this service is great for a variety of communications and applications as per your needs.

SMS in Nigeria Trends

The depth of mobile penetration in Nigeria is at an all-time high and people across the country and in far-flung hinterlands have all found a voice with the use of mobile phones.  The common uses of the mobile phone are voice calls and SMS in Nigeria. People who own a mobile device use it for a variety of purposes which range from internet banking to mail service, gaming and chatting.

The low cost of SMS in Nigeria means that people who use prepaid services are able to control their spend limits and buy airtime only when they need to use a service. Others who can afford the cost of postpaid service register for the premium package and they can settle the bills on a monthly or weekly basis as the terms and conditions dictates.

The different telecommunication service providers have their applicable short code that those who have run out of airtime can use to request a call-back. Such SMS are delivered at no cost and using this service can help people to request for top-up from friends, family or associates. The widely communal spirit that still pervades across the country makes it easy for this practice to flourish.

Another way that SMS in Nigeria plays out is the facilities put in place by telcos that enable mobile phone users add a number of people usually 1 to 5 in their family and friends group. This ensures that you can send free SMS to members, and make zero-rated calls to group members and stay in touch irrespective of where they might be.

The facilities put in place by telcos ensure that people can query the weather service, get sports update, check on job vacancies, visit chat rooms and query their bank transactions by deploying SMS in Nigeria. The use of SMS helps in places where calls might be impossible or completely out of place. If you are in a meeting, you can afford to send a message by SMS instead of working out and disrupting the flow at such times.

Each mobile service company works with some third party service providers to explore online dating via SMS and other live chat modules with some preset metrics that help users locate their love interests as they wish. Some people have found love by using services of this description and the fact that it is affordable means that many are encouraged to be part of it.

The deployment of 4G and higher technologies has improved internet access across the country and people able to go beyond SMS to multimedia messages in the urban centers and educational institutions. The young, old and elderly have all found a common point by deploying the capabilities of SMS in Nigeria across facets of their daily life.

Cheapest Bulk SMS: The Essence of SMS Marketing to Your Business

SMS marketing is a perfect marketing tool that helps you to promote your business, your products and services through a simple text message. You can benefit for the cheapest bulk SMS because you can contact your customers and follow up new leads that might open more opportunities for your business. Running a business requires aggressive marketing, using the available marketing tools. Using SMS to keep in touch with your customers in one way of ensuring you maintain your business and promote your product in the competitive market.


How do you operate the Bulk SMS Service?

The main benefit of using the cheapest bulk SMS is time and cost. Time is always against you, and if you can find a way to communicate to your clients within the shortest time possible, you will be one-step ahead. Therefore, when you want to use bulk SMS service, you just log into the portal and type the message. Thereafter, paste the numbers of your recipients and then press send. You will receive an instant report on the delivery. Therefore, you can monitor the recipients because you will have all the details.

If you want to use the cheapest bulk SMS service to notify the customers about a new product, you will only go into your database and retrieve their contacts. As mentioned earlier, Bulk SMS service is cost effective because you will have a chance to communicate to the customers at a very low cost. Therefore, you can send texts to as many customers as you can without worrying about the cost because the service will only cost you 0.65 kobo per SMS. When compared to other services, this is the best deal.

Most importantly, this cheapest bulk SMS service is available in all networks. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the network. It is effective, and it operates across all networks. Whether you are contacting the customers on GSM, CDMA or international networks, the recipients will get your SMS within five minutes. As long you have the contacts, there is no reason why you should not capitalize on SMS marketing.

Once you subscribe to the cheapest bulk SMS services, you can receive a reply from the recipients. Therefore, you can send the text to the customers and receive their response. If you want to take your business to another level, you can use media marketing in order to receive their feedback. Advertise the contact number that the customers can use to get back to you. Moreover, take advantage of your website to promote this number. This will help you establish a platform where you contact the customers, and they give you their feedback.

Ultimately, the success of your business depends on how well your market your product. The cheapest bulk SMS service is a perfect tool to reach out to your customers and follow up on new leads.